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New Seminars:
"Two Practicing Medicine by 
Physician House Calls Seminars" 
followed by
"Advanced Skills Training Seminar"
We are grateful to announce we are offering three updated ways for you to become fully equipped to start-up or advance your own Physician House Calls.  Please note, I am not recruiting or hiring.  I teach others how to better care for those in greater need, at-home.
  1. First, "Practicing Medicine by Physician House Calls Seminar".  This hands-on two-hour Seminar has been updated with valuable input from doctors we trained.  Your Seminar begins with our fast-paced 168-slide PowerPoint Seminar's Presentation using your 11-page Seminar Lecture Notes with full references, so taking notes is much easier.  We begin discussing current literature and on-going research and accelerating national trends for Physician House Calls. We go over typical medical and surgical kits and cases I use daily.  We cover many logistics, topics, and we review the research paper: Sterba, JA. Wound Care on the Go. ‘Portable ER’ Allows Physician to Reinvent House Calls.  Today’s Wound Clinic. 2012, September: 18-21.  There's time set aside for Questions & Answers (Q&A).  Your hands-on Seminar is confidentially done at-home or on-site in the office in Western New York State (WNY) and Southern Ontario regions. 
  2. Second, The New Take-Home CD Version, "Practicing Medicine by Physician House Calls Seminar".  It covers most everything in the "Practicing Medicine by Physician House Calls Seminar" by you conveniently using your CD of the 168-slide PowerPoint Seminar's Presentation along with your 11-page Seminar Lecture Notes with full references and a copy of the research paper, "Wound Care on the Go. ‘Portable ER’ Allows Physician to Reinvent House Calls". 
  3. Third, after taking your prerequisite "Practicing Medicine by Physician House Calls Seminar"by the hands-on or Take-Home CD Version, then physicians and mid-level providers qualify to take the follow-up, hands-on "Advanced Skills Training Seminar".  Hands-on, you will practice using the actual Advanced Surgical Wound Care Kit; set-up phlebotomy using our POC Blood Chemistry Lab; set-up IV/IO fluids; practice with actual Rapid Diagnostic Tests; discuss Physician House Calls logistics including all medical, surgical and labs kits; charting; QA; and insurance coding & billing with you actually filling-out a computerized CMS-1500 insurance Claim Form to be paid directly.  We discuss how you can be paid by cash or credit card, or by concierge medicine contracting.  We discuss how to reduce medical malpractice risk and greatly reduce insurance premiums.  You will practice actual on-line ordering of supplies, medications and vaccines at near-whole sale contracted-pricing using a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for next-day regular or refrigerated delivery (e.g. vaccines, certain meds.) by National Distributors (e.g. Henry Schein, McKesson) directly and safely your home or private medical practice. 

The suggested hands-on Seminar tax-deductible donation to the Public Charity, "Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc." is $200.00 (USD) per physician, NP, PA or other staff attending the at-home, on-site Seminar.  The required Reference Textbook suggested tax-deductible donation is an additional $60.00 per person attending.  

Our new Take Home CD Version of this Seminar with CD (168-slide PowerPoint Presentation) with 11-page Seminar’s highly-referenced Lecture Notes is likewise a tax-deductible donation of $200.00, plus the $60.00 tax-deductible donation for the required Reference Textbook.  Your Reference Textbook is extensively used, especially Chapter Ten, “The Community-Based Portable ER” plus other key Chapters.  Everything in this updated Reference Textbook (described, below) was Tested & Evaluated overseas and Stateside by John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP.

Sterba, JA and JE Sterba.  Textbook of Equipping for Disasters, Sheltering at Home.  Revised & Expanded, Fourth Edition.  Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc., 226 Center Rd., East Aurora, NY 14052, November 5, 2016; 249 pages.

If interested, please Email me at and I will gladly send you two Information Letters, two Outlines, and our article, "Wound Care on the Go. ‘Portable ER’ Allows Physician to Reinvent House Calls".

I look forward to hearing from you!
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
Peer-Reviewed Institutional Review Board (IRB)-Approved Clinical Study

Sterba, JA. Wound Care on the Go. ‘Portable ER’ Allows Physician to Reinvent House Calls.  Today’s Wound Clinic. 2012, September: 18-21.  
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
President & CEO, Medical & Scientific Director,
New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Director
Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc.

Some conclusions we published include: 
“From our ongoing Institutional Review Board-approved clinical study that measures patient convenience of house calls, the time from ordering a blood chemistry test until lab results are explained is 13.8 minutes, (+ 5.2 minutes, SD, n = 45 patients).”  (pg. 20)
“Our insurance billing is approximately 25% percent of the cost for similar services from the hospital-based ED (Emergency Department).  Of all patients seen during house calls, 91 percent are not clinically indicated to be sent to the ED.  The remaining nine percent require to be transported to the ED for further lab/radiology studies, but are rarely admitted”.  (pp. 20-21)           

“In conclusion, Physician House Calls using the Community-Based Portable ER provides faster, better and cheaper care – including advanced wound care - when compared to the hospital-based ED or urgent care facility.”  (pg. 21)

If interested in receiving a free copy, please Email me at 
Our Office Phone Number is (716) 655-6854
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
Emergency Physician House Calls:
Point of Care (POC) Laboratories Used

© December 11, 2017
Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc., East Aurora, NY
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
President & CEO, Medical & Scientific Director,
New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Director
Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc.

We are happy to Email a color .pdf file or U.S. Mail you a printed and bound color copy of this WHITE PAPER each for a suggested tax-deductible donation of $40.00 to "Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc.", which we will gratefully receipt.  Please note that 100% of all donations are used to "care for those in greater need".
For ON-LINE PURCHASING the "WHITE PAPER.  Emergency Physician House CallsTime, Outcome Benefits and Cost of Point of Care (POC) Laboratories Used with Community-based  PORTABLE ER®", please make your tax-deductible donation to "Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc." with PayPal or Credit Card, here: 
Conclusions. Private practice EM by EPHCs™ using the PORTABLE ER® provided very fast EP Response-Time and faster Triage and Seen-Times vs. PCP, UCF or ED.  Emergency Physician POC-Labs were conducted, received and explained much faster (< 14 min) vs. labs by PCP, UCF, or ED.  After 100-EPHCs™, 89% of patients remained safely at-home never needing admission with no problems, complaints or adverse events.  Patient-care insurance-charge (cost) for 100 EPHCs™ with POC-labs using PORTABLE ER® was ten-fold-less ($375.53, 9.8%) vs. 7.4 million Florida hospital-ED patient-care insurance-charges ($3,808.00) during 2012-2013.
Therefore, these medical Emergency Physician House Calls (EPHCs™) using the PORTABLE ER®, which required POC portable labs, saved Medicare B and all other medical insurances $3,432.47 per patient for those patients that never had to go to the hospital ED. 
Two-Way UHF Business Radios during
Transporting the PORTABLE ER®
© April 18, 2018
Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc., East Aurora, NY
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
President & CEO, Medical & Scientific Director,
New York State, Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Director,
Janice E. Sterba
Vice President; Secretary/Treasurer; Medical Transcriptionist/Editor

For  ON-LINE PURCHASING the "WHITE PAPER. Test and Evaluation of Two-Way UHF Business Radios during Emergency Physician House Calls™ Transporting the PORTABLE ER® in a Hilly, Rural Environment", please make your tax-deductible donation to "Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc." with PayPal or Credit Card, here: 

Background:  Relying on a cell phone to receive patient requests for Emergency Physician House Calls was discovered to be unreliable.  Missed cell phone calls, messages and texts were due to three reasons:  1. Very weak or even no cell phone service in hilly, rural areas of Western New York (WNY), 2.  In-coming cell phone calls, recorded messages and texts were blocked when inside certain insulated homes later found to have metal-foil insulation or with heavy brick-masonry construction, and 3. In-coming cell phone calls, messages and texts were occasionally blocked inside Saved by Grace Ministry’s Emergency Medicine emergency vehicle due to heavy-gauge ballistic steel in this armored (B6) Tactical Chevrolet Suburban.
Therefore, we hypothesized these occasional cell-phone reception problems could be avoided using powerful two-way business radios, thus allowing Dr. Sterba to remain in reliable communication with the office, whether in or out of the armored emergency vehicle, or inside certain insulated homes using two-way UHF (403-512 mHz) radios.

Conclusions and Recommendations:  There were seven conclusions with recommendations from this 30-day T&E Trial using two-way radios for actual patient-care on Emergency Physician House Calls using the PORTABLE ER® and while traveling throughout the hilly, rural medical service area. 

Summary.  Two-way radio communications equipped an emergency physician to reliably and securely communicate while conducting Emergency Physician House Calls transporting the PORTABLE ER® caring for those in greater need in a hilly, rural environment.
Textbook Equipping for Disasters Sheltering at Home
Revised & Expanded, Fourth Edition.  
John A. Sterba, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP and 
Janice E. Sterba 
Fourth Edition, Copyrighted 2016
“This 249-page Reference Book has been expanded & fully field-tested to teach us how to best care for each other 
Since 1998,‘Dr. John’ and Mrs. Janice E. Sterba have told people about Jesus Christ, while caring for people’s needs through Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc., East Aurora, NY.  They encourage us to remain obedient to the LORD’s commands, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18) and “This is my command: Love each other.” (John 15:17).

“This 249-page Reference Book has been expanded & fully tested to teach us how to best care for each other as Good Neighbors, during and recovering from all disasters.”

  • Prayer and Community Based Home-Care Ministry: TheSafe Haven Home; Determining needs in your neighborhood; Medically-trained people as our neighbors; Volunteers; Planning ahead & Using the Emergency Information Sheet
  • Food Pantry for the Home and Community-Based Disaster Shelters:  Economical shopping; Balanced-diet; Long-term safe storage of food
  • Home Preparation Guide and Mini-Guide: 25 Home Systems (heating, electrical systems, etc.); Making & storing drinking water; Safety & well-being.
  • Emergency Physician-written, Home Care Instructions for 45 Common Illnesses & Injuries: East-to-understand teaching by a doctor.
  • Community-Based, DISASTER SHELTERS: Loss of power; Complete care.
  • Community-Based, PORTABLE ER: “ThePortable ER” in 101-pages; 92Medical & Surgical Kits and Cases with full inventory including ordering I.D. numbers and Portable Dispensary Cabinets-PDCs for all medications from all drug categories; Inventories of economical, essential antibiotics & pain meds.
  • Community-Based, MOBILE ER: Motor homes; Staffing; Disaster care

Since 1998, Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc. faithfully provides for those in greater need.  Its Corporation’s Purposes include: “To relieve poverty, hunger, illness, homelessness and other forms of suffering in the world; to assist underprivileged people to improve their living conditions; to offer hope, comfort and aid those in need, particularly widows and orphans; to respond to natural and man-made disasters; to testify to the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;”

Dr. John A. Sterba is a missionary doctor and former operational Medical Officer (Navy Commander).  He clinically practices and teaches Emergency Medicine in NY State.  He is Board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine for children and adults.  Dr. Sterba is a Fellow of American College of Emergency Physicians (FACEP).  He has academic appointments from the University of Sierra Leone, West Africa and the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo (recently renamed to the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital), University of Buffalo, NY School of Medicine.
Please make your tax-deductible donation to "Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc." with PayPal or Credit Card, here: 
Previous Research Articles

  1. Sterba, JA, BT Rogers, AP France, DA Vokes. Horseback riding in children with cerebral palsy: effects on gross motor function. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2002, 44: 301-308.
  2. Sterba, JA.  Adaptive downhill skiing therapy in children with cerebral palsy: effect on gross motor function. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 2006 Winter; 18(4):289-96.
  3. Sterba, JA.  A Review: Does Horseback Riding Therapy or Therapist-Directed Hippotherapy Rehabilitate Children with Cerebral Palsy? Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2007, 49: 68-73. 
  4. Sterba, JA, D Safar-Riessen, M DeForest. Effect of aquatic therapy on Gross Motor Function Measure in children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2004: No. 99 (suppl), Vol. 46, page 47-48.

Mission Guide
Sterba, JA. Mission Guide: Caribbean and Central America.  Saved by Grace Ministry, Inc., East Aurora, NY, 2009.

Please contact us and we will happily Email or U.S. Mail you a copy of this Instructional Missionary Booklet for free, no donations requested.  

Our Email is and our Office Phone Number is (716) 655-6854.

May the LORD Jesus bless, protect and provide for you and your family.  Amen!
Dr. and Mrs. John and Janice Sterba
(Ephesians 2: 8-10)

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